New character posters for John Woo's much-awaited The Crossing.

Quite the description.

Quite the description.


Hi guys! The special colour spreads are out for HnR and we will translate this fully once we get the scans but basically here are some tidbits of news coming out from just skimming through these photos:

  • Mamura won the Shishio vs Mamura twitter survey and they published the results officially
  • Apparently they got over 5500 retweets and favourites, with Mamura totalling a whopping 3849 points to Shishio’s 1893 
  • They also published a whole heap of comments from Mamura and Shishio fans (we’ll translate that too)


  • Charlotte notified me earlier today that Hirunaka no Ryuusei will be ending it’s run at apparently 78 chapters, I’ve been waiting to see a source other than baidu to confirm, but looking at the colour spread of the four girls, it reads "ACCELERATION TO THE CLIMAX" . 
  • On top of that it says something along the lines of "THE LAST 4 TIMES" but the kanji is cut off so I’m not sure if they are referring to the number of chapters…
  • If my suspicion is correct then HnR will either be ending at Chapter 78 or 79.

Big news today for HnR fans. Again, I will make a post once there is official news but I think it’s a fact that you can expect HnR to at least end in less than 3 months.

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Happy 32nd to you, Nari!

You are my most enduring fandom (2005 to present), with the absolute :3 kind of smile.

Heartache Live @ Yokohama Stadium
3,542 plays

all credit to Musashi Naomi @ youTube

Song starts around 0:50. ~



ONE OK ROCK先輩の横浜スタジアムライブ。途中涙がこぼれそうになるのを必死に堪えてTakaさんの言葉を飲み込んだ。あれだけの数のお客さんが居ても全員に届いたんだろうなぁ。皆の気持ちがこもった光に包まれた会場が本当に綺麗だったなぁ、、見に行けて良かった。 ナルミ★

ONE OK ROCK senpai’s Yokohama Arena Concert. Halfway through, (I think) he wanted to cry but Taka swallowed his words. Even though there was such…